Will a pasta sauce that has some ricotta and parmesan in it freeze well?

  • Posted by: DebJ
  • September 1, 2016


pierino September 4, 2016
It works for Stauffers, so why not? It will never be as good as the stuff you make fresh but it will still be usable.
702551 September 4, 2016
Yes, that's true, but it's worth pointing out that Stouffer's has an army of really well-compensated food scientists, a huge palette of food stabilizing additives and specialized commercial food processing equipment that Joe Consumer doesn't have at his disposal.

I agree that the home-frozen product can be considered "usable" but it would still be better frozen without the dairy components.
foodforthought September 4, 2016
When I make casseroles with those ingredients, they freeze just fine. The ricotta may release a bit more liquid with freezing but not so much as I've ever noticed. I tend to beat an egg into ricotta for this sort of thing, so it may assist in stabilizing. I think you're good doing it with or without eggs.
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