Caramelle pasta striped with beet colored pasta, fillers with ricotta what kind of sauce should I make?

I plan on making a beautiful caramelle pasta so it can be stripped with yellow and pink. However, I have no idea what kind of sauce i should make so that it doesn’t over take the presentation. I’m filling it with ricotta, fontina, and Parmesan if that helps. Thanks!



Emmie April 14, 2020
What about serving it in a Parmesan broth? Or a butter sauce as Nancy suggested.
Nancy April 14, 2020
I already a rich dish.
Imho, doesn't need a sauce.
Suggestion, leave parmesan out if filling and grate it on top, so you can still see the pasta colors.
Or: brown butter
Or: roasted onions
Or: garnished with fresh chopped oregano, parsley or dill. (If dill, maybe leave out parmesan and garnish instead with sour cream or yogurt.)
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