Can I freeze a cooked frittata?

  • Posted by: KarenO
  • September 3, 2016


702551 September 6, 2016
I agree that the oven works better than the microwave for reheating frittatas.

I consider reheated frittata an "acceptable leftover" type of food, not something that I would choose to serve to guests.

If I were you, I'd find a way to make it fresh that day or find something else to serve. But that's just me...
Susan W. September 3, 2016
I freeze mini frittata all the time. Let them thaw slowly and eat at room temp. If you really want to heat them, cover and place in cold oven. Heat to 325-350. By the time the oven comes to temperature, the frittata is perfectly warm. I tried the microwave at 50% power. It worked okay, but the oven is better.
KarenO September 6, 2016
Thanks so much for taking the time to respond. This sounds like a perfect solution. I'm part of a team hosting a post-wedding brunch and this seems like a great alternative to making it on the spot.
lloreen September 3, 2016
Yes. I Freeze individual frittatas for breakfast. Wrap well. I recommend reheating in the oven as he microwave makes them soggy.
KarenO September 6, 2016
Thanks for taking the time to respond. Will keep it away from the microwave for sure now!
Smaug September 3, 2016
I really wouldn't, other than as a science experiment. It would most certainly turn to mush when you thaw it, and if you got past that it would turn to rubber when you reheat it.
KarenO September 6, 2016
Eww! Thanks for taking the time to respond. A mushy, rubbery frittata is not appealing.
C S. September 3, 2016
You can. It should be safe but the texture will probably change becoming spongy. It depends on what outcome you want and what ingredients are in the frittata.
KarenO September 6, 2016
Thank you for taking the time to respond. A spongy frittata is certainly not what I'm after.
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