What's the best thing you found at Brimfield?

As we wrap up the Food52 Lawn Party at the Brimfield Antiques Fair today (we'll be there all afternoon till six, if you still want to come by!!), I'm most curious to hear what treasures everyone found roaming the market. Vintage silverware? A fixer-upper bar cart? Upload pictures of your best finds and tell me all about them!

Me? This very tall rattan bookshelf that almost definitely had a former life in Florida.

Amanda Sims
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Eunice C. September 12, 2016
This ladder that was pulled from a bunk bed. The steps are wide enough that I can use it as a shelf! I was even able to take it home via the subway-- it was was easier than trying to figure out how to fit it into a cab :)
Tina September 11, 2016
My African mud cloths!
amysarah September 12, 2016
Pretty sure the middle blue one is a traditional cloth from Burkina Faso, dyed with indigo. Gorgeous textiles!
Sarah J. September 11, 2016
With the help of Alexis, I picked up a bunch of props for our photoshoots. I want to hug all of them, but my favorite was this spider-style spoon on the right. I'd never seen anything quite like it before! Apparently it was used for pierogis, specifically, but I think it'd be great for shuttling any delicate dumpling (or vegetable nub) out of a pot of hot water. I love the worn wooden handle, too.
Amanda S. September 11, 2016
Eeeeee I want to hug it, too!
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