Fair Food

I'm confused, exactly what is fair food? I've never been to a fair, maybe a carnival or "feast of" or two. I knew that fair food was in a quirky category all it's own, fried pies, candy bars, popcorn, cotton candy, funnel cakes and the like and I know that each year the news will feature some new strange additions. I'm lost and I would be curious to see some outrageous recipes and hear the inspiration for the recipe.



Summer O. August 5, 2011
Bexchahlik - Love it, miss it, hello Houston rodeo!!!
Panfusine August 5, 2011
Fair food in India has a LOT in common with street food. Whenever there's a Mela (Fair) all the street side vendors make a beeline to the fairgrounds knowing fullly well that they'll make a killing! So should I just plop back my best street food dishes back into the contest ring?
pierino August 5, 2011
I hate fairs. Flat out. Don't want to watch the cattle auction or eat funeral cakes. However I've been to the New Orleans Jazz Fest a few times, pre-Katrina, and there were amazing things on fairground as in best boudin I've ever tasted in my life.
bexcahlik August 5, 2011
Some of my favorite fair foods at my regional fair (in Texas, which I believe has the superior fair food) are a steak kabob, pork kabob, shrimp kabob, roasted corn, pistolettes (cajun crawfish fried thing), boudain balls...and corn dogs, of course. When I went to the Texas State Fair in Dallas last year, they had some really inventive items like fried frito pie, fried beer, and fried lemonade.
EmilyC August 5, 2011
I just did a quick google search and noticed that you can find lists of fair food for a lot of state fairs. I did Illinois because that's where I'm originally from and found an app to help people navigate all of the vendors. Fair food definitely varies by region. In the Midwest for example, you'll find giant breaded pork tenderloin sandwiches (yum). Fair food, in my mind, is indulgent (with a few exceptions) and easy to eat out of hand (hence multiple foods on a stick!).
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