Anyone have great tiramisu filling recipe that doesn't use eggs?

Son wants for his birthday but I don't want eggs in it bc of allergy issue.

  • Posted by: Lara
  • September 11, 2016


tripletree September 12, 2016
I use this recipe: all the time, and it's great! The flavors are actually cleaner and stronger than the traditional egg-based recipes. I add more booze, though!
Jan W. September 11, 2016
Gordon Ramsay has apparently published a recipe but the UK website that hosted it is apparently defunct.

He just substitutes whipped heavy/double cream at a ratio of about 1/4 cup of cream per egg yolk. Whip the heavy cream until it just forms soft peaks, then fold into the mascarpone and sugar + flavorings until just combined. Should do the trick.
Nancy September 11, 2016
Not exactly a tiramisu recipe, but a solution.
In many tiramisu reicpes (like the one linked below) the eggs are mixed with sugar and milk to make a custard, which is later mixed with the mascarpone.
If you find a vegan custard recipe you like, substitute that for the custard part of a standard tiramisu and you have your dessert.
Nancy September 12, 2016
You specifically asked about the filling.
But I just remembered (you probably know) the ladyfingers used in tiramisu are also made with eggs.
So you'll have to find a substitute cookie, or a ladyfinger recipe without eggs, to make this safe for your son.
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