Ideas for a portable side dish that is sweetish, but not cloying/dessert-like - use of seasonal veggies a plus.

  • Posted by: allie
  • September 15, 2010


Kevin September 18, 2010
I love these curried, sauteed plantains:

Another option is spiced apples:
AntoniaJames September 17, 2010
Here's my favorite side, for this purpose.
If you're worried about sweetness, add a tablespoon or two of lime juice at the end, after tasting it. The parsnips add a fun, spicy touch to the squash. It's one of those dishes about which people will ask, "What's in this, anyway? What am I tasting?" Have fun!! ;o)
mattius September 16, 2010
Pasta salad with a nice vinaigrette travels well, can be eaten at room temp and gets better a day later. Depending on the veggies, cook before hand or raw.
feedemright September 16, 2010
you can roast butternut squash (cubed) with olive oil, kosher salt, 1 tsp of sugar and some thyme or rosemary at 450F for 20 minutes, stir then another 10 minutes. It is my favorite.
HeritageCook September 16, 2010
This farro salad has a slightly sweet vinaigrette that you may enjoy. And it utilizes whatever seasonal veggies you want to add...
Merrill S. September 15, 2010
This sweet potato gratin/galette is fantastic:
katiebakes September 15, 2010
What about a not-too-sweet sweet potato casserole, perhaps roasted sweet potatoes and apples, or couscous with butternut squash, apples, and a light maple dressing- Hope this sparks some ideas.
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