Ideas for pistachio pesto

I was given pistachio pesto as a gift--it's quite nutty and strongly flavored. Suggestions as to what foods might be complimented by savory pistachio flavors?



QueenSashy September 29, 2016
Cauliflower cous cous, with lemon and maybe tiny dice of Turkish apricot? Simple grilled chicken?
Windischgirl September 29, 2016
Oooh, that sounds fabulous! The pesto is giving me more of a Middle Eastern rather than an Italian vibe. Just opened a package of dried apricots, and I got a jar of preserved lemons at Trader Joe's...
PHIL September 26, 2016
I would do it on pasta. You can dilute it with a little olive oil and pasta water if it is to thick, or even spread it on warm bread with fresh mozzarella and proscuitto
Windischgirl September 29, 2016
Thanks, Phil!
Niknud September 26, 2016
I put pistachio pesto (and lots of other pesto sauces) on spaghetti squash. Pretty delicious.
Windischgirl September 29, 2016
Thanks! Gotta look for spaghetti squash in our market here; haven't seen them in a while.
Windischgirl September 25, 2016
Both ideas sound yum! Susan I love sun dried tomatoes and spinach--a little richness from pistachios would be a nice contrast. Nancy, thanks for guiding me to my Turkish, Moroccan, and Middle Eastern cookbooks....some of my favorite cuisines.
The pesto is delicious but doesn't inspire Italian ideas...I think Persian is the way to go.
Nancy September 25, 2016
pistachio pesto - on beets, in Persian dishes.
Also, a fine recipe for herb and pistachio-stuffed veal shoulder John Ash: Cooking One on One (2004). I've also made it with rolled turkey breast with good results.
Susan W. September 25, 2016
Throwback to the seventies, but I've been taking chicken breasts and marinating them in a strong mustard vinaigrette, stuffing with spinach, cheese and..wait for it...sun dried tomatoes. I think a layer of pistachio pesto in the pocket would be amazeballs!! You could freeze it too.

Here's the original recipe. The vinaigrette is perfect for this, but I change up the stuffing all the time.
Susan W. September 25, 2016
Oops. Here's the link.
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