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Are we submitting savory winter squash recipes or any savory squash recipes (both winter and summer)?



BerryBaby September 27, 2016
Oops, it now states winter squash.
Caroline L. September 27, 2016
Great question, Pat. We're thinking of harder wintry/fall squashes. I will clarify on the contest pages. Thanks so much!
Niknud September 27, 2016
Um, not to display my ignorance, but is spaghetti squash count as winter or summer?
Caroline L. September 27, 2016
I think of it as winter, Niknud!
inpatskitchen September 27, 2016
Thanks Caroline!
creamtea September 27, 2016
Niknud, I believe spaghetti squash is a winter squash (the summer ones being a little thin-skinned like zucchini or crookneck). Correct me if I'm wrong!
BerryBaby September 27, 2016
I would think it was any variety of squash.
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