Can I make pizza from some wet artisan bread dough I have on hand?

We need pizza now This dough is too wet to roll. What can I do so I don't have to make a new dough. Want quicker.

  • Posted by: nutcakes
  • September 28, 2016


Windischgirl September 29, 2016
I have certainly done pizza with no-knead dough. Flour the work surface well and use parchment to transfer the dough onto a hot pizza stone or cookie sheet. I wet my hands to avoid sticking when patting the dough into a round--seems counterintuitive but it works--or dust the top of the dough with flour and stretch it gently with dry hands. I sometimes dust the parchment with flour and stretch dough out right on it.

HLA, I love the term 'grandma pizza'. That is exactly what my grandma would do! She'd then top the dough with her homemade 'hot sauce' (akin to a cooked salsa), cheese, pepperoni, and sweet peppers...a pie unlike any other on earth!
hardlikearmour September 29, 2016
@Windishchgirl Grandma pizza is a term I picked up from somewhere, so I can't take credit for it. There's a recipe for a version of it in "The Elements of Pizza", but I'm pretty sure I heard the term before that.
hardlikearmour September 28, 2016
Could you press it into a sheet pan and make a grandma style pizza? How wet is it?
nutcakes September 29, 2016
Thanks for your answer! Geez, why didn't I think of that. I was even making some Sicilian style in half sheets awhile back. After I posted I remembered no one is often on this time of night so I ran to kitchen, took out some of this superwet sloppy dough/goop and put it in the mixer on the dough hook with some olive oil and some semolina flour. Cut in half and let it rest while I ran down the block for some pepperoni. It is no good. Flat with no rise or bubble and lacks salt. Now for the other small ball my friends wants it pressed in a pan and thick. So I have a real little rectangle. I mixed it up with more of the wet dough as I think I got it way too dry before. I'm putting that in now.
nutcakes September 29, 2016
Oh yeah, almost forgot to tell you the one that was mostly wet bread dough pressed into the pan with olive oil'd fingers and left to sit out a bit came out much better. Thanks!
hardlikearmour September 29, 2016
Glad the second attempt at pizza went well :-)
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