What is the REAL difference between .5mm and 1.5mm copper pots?

I have been so enamored by copper pots since my grandma introduced me to cooking shows as a kid. I'm ready to purchase my first collection and I really want to make sure I get the right thing before I invest. Other than aesthetics and price, why would I want a thicker copper coating? Is it going to affect the longevity of my pots? Thanks!

  • Posted by: kari
  • October 3, 2016


QueenSashy October 4, 2016
Unrelated to the question you asked, and maybe you are fully aware of it, but I felt like bringing it up, since you are about to make an investment. Copper pots are hand-wash item. (Something to consider if you do not have too much time on your hands.)
Smaug October 3, 2016
Copper is used largely for it's heat conducting properties- presumably a thicker coating would be more help with that.
pierino October 3, 2016
Copper though is not the coating it's the base metal. A lining is usually added over it. This is called "tinning". Because copper is such an efficient conductor of heat it is frequently used in the bottom of stainless pans as the core.
Smaug October 4, 2016
Maybe, though .5mm seems like a pretty wimpy core. I've never found any reason to replace my old copper clad Revere Ware pans- work great (and I'm used to them)- I believe a couple date back to my parents' wedding in the 40's.
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