Anyone planning a Halloween dinner menu?

Muanfun Slp


aargersi October 15, 2016
We always do a similar thing - pot 'o something like chili or stew. We get plastic go cups and hand out wine to the grownups that we know (or ones who eye mine enviously - which I drink out of a skull goblet on Halloween. Red, of course) and lets be honest, we eat a lot of candy.
T October 10, 2016
In CA, I used to make a acorn or butternut squash soup with roasted pumpkin seeds and a green chimichurri sauce with a crusty bread. In the Midwest, my gang seems to prefer 'graveyard stew over brains' (aka Beef Stroganoff w/egg noodles) and hair salad with an eye (salade Lyonnaise). :) BOO!!
Nancy October 13, 2016
Reminds me of the foods we made as children for our (NY) Haunted House for the neighborhood kids...who had to be blindfolded and walk through our transformed garage. Cold spaghetti as intestines, peel grapes as eyeballs, etc.
Natalie R. October 8, 2016
Growing up, my Mom made something simple for Halloween to get us out the door. I think she made tuna melts on English muffins twice in a row, because I latched onto that and get excited for Autumn nights whenever I smell them. Sadly, I developed a fish allergy later and can no longer enjoy them, or they would be on my menu every year.

In college, all I had was a microwave, but I was determined to celebrate Halloween with food. I made a black rice pilaf (microwaving rice is a sign of dedication) with pistachios, apples, and a haphazard array of Fall spices stuffed inside a small microwaved pie pumpkin. It was festive and comforting while I sat studying for engineering exams instead of celebrating with my peers. I think I might make it again with an oven and a bit more thought into the flavors.
BerryBaby October 5, 2016
Here's a pumpkin with my first attempt at sculpting LOL! He turned out fairly well. I used the silk from corn for his eyebrows and mustache and glass marbles for his eyes.
Muanfun S. October 8, 2016
He looks like an old angry man. LOL Very Nice!
BerryBaby October 8, 2016
Thanks, yes, he does. I use to do very scary faces, but the little children didn't like them. Most of the ones I carve are happy faces or silly. This one was fun when I turned on the light inside, his eyes lit up.
MMH October 5, 2016
If the weather is good, we easily have 800-1000 kids so we have a soup pot luck with neighbors when its all over. We live in a historic neighborhood & everyone is really in to it. We sit on the front porch & pass out candy in costumes of course. Last year we were a fox & hen.
Muanfun S. October 5, 2016
That sounds nice :)
Did you make a Halloween pumpkin? And what's about this year? Do you have any plans yet?
ps. It would be great if you cloud share us you photos on Halloween day.
Thank you and hope you enjoy this coming Halloween.
BerryBaby October 5, 2016
Yikes! Where do you live? I get excited with 100. We use to get over 200 but everyone grew up! Now it seems we have more toddlers than ever. They are SO CUTE!
BerryBaby October 5, 2016
I love, love, love, Halloween! I make a pot of chili so we can eat when we get the chance. Tortilla chips, shredded cheese, onions set out for toppers and mini corn jalapeno muffins. Works out well for the busy night of Trick or Treaters. We average about 125 so we are up and down answering the door. I decorate a bit (see photo from last year) and sometimes I dress up. One year I was an Iron Chef. Had on the chef outfit, chapeau, apron, had the utensils hanging out of my pocket and carried an iron. The adults got it and had a little laugh.
Muanfun S. October 5, 2016
Awwww I'm so jealous of you. I want to join the Halloween day, dressing up like a witch, cooking special menus, and knocking other people's doors like many European countries do. For my own, we don't have Trick or Treaters activity. We've only Halloween party and it isn't popular. However, I'll have a small Halloween party with my university friends and I want to cook something easily like finger food. So, thank you for sharing your ideas.
BerryBaby October 5, 2016
Look closely and you can see my little dog 'photo bombing' at the window. Always peeking out to see what I'm doing, so sweet!
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