Can this be made and stored? Refrigerated or in cabinet?



drbabs October 9, 2016
I've made it and stored it in the refrigerator where it keeps for quite a while-- I can't tell you how long because I use it up pretty quickly.
Kristen M. October 9, 2016
Great question—I didn't think about it before because as written this makes so little you likely wouldn't have any left to store. But if you were doubling or tripling the batch, storing leftovers tightly sealed at room temperature should be just fine.
Trena H. October 9, 2016
Good question. Out of curiosity I scoured the America's Test Kitchen site and other websites to find the answer. Not one gave any information indicating the best storage for the vinegar. I'm going to guess you should be able to store it in the pantry. If this worries you, I don't see any harm in refrigerating it. We'll see if others have experience with this recipe and proper storage ideas.
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