do I have to refrigerate a pumpkin pie I made tonight? Or can I leave it out?



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ChefOno November 22, 2012

The refrigerator is a drier environment than your kitchen so it won't add to the problem. And you'll cover the pie with plastic wrap so it doesn't absorb stray refrigerator aromas and that will keep any condensation from forming while it comes back to room temperature for service. But, yes, the crust will soften somewhat regardless.

SF E. November 21, 2012
Won't the crust get soggy if I refrigerate? Yes, it does have eggs and heavy cream.
ChefOno November 21, 2012

Yes, custard pies are one of the exceptions to the it's-safe-to-leave-baked-goods-unrefrigerated rule. Protein + moisture = Danger

Kristen M. November 21, 2012
It's a custard pie, so you should refrigerate it to be safe. Then just take it out a couple hours before serving tomorrow to come back down to room temperature.
Merrill S. November 21, 2012
I'd put it in the fridge -- it's got eggs and dairy in it, I'm guessing?
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