Does anyone have a recipe for Creole Mustard? I checked online but came up with very different results. I have a new cookbook and a few recipes call for it but they never printed the recipe for it. Thanks Pickles!



susan G. February 2, 2011
I once searched for a recipe and came up dry -- it seems to be limited to commercial sources, and no one has been clever enough to do a knock-off.
drbabs February 1, 2011
Zatarain's is a popular brand of Creole mustard. The ingredients are water, vinegar, brown mustard seed, salt and xanthum gum. Some people take regular brown mustard and add Worcestershire sauce and Tabasco to it. I usually have Zatarain's in the house, but if I don't I'll substitute a coarse grainy Dijon mustard. I've never made it, though. Hope this helps.
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