Does this recipe work without the mustard? If not, how do I fix it?

A household member, who shall remain nameless, helped me prepare a large batch of chicken according to the following recipe by making the marinade and putting it over the chicken to marinade. However, they forgot the mustard. I now have about five lbs of raw, chicken thighs marinated in said mustard-less recipe, and as I see it, a few options: 1) put it in the oven as is - it will taste different but maybe still good/edible; 2) drizzle mustard over it (the suggestion of the helpful-but-absent-minded household member); or 3) make a new marinade and marinate the chicken a second time.

Here is the recipe:

I would love suggestions and thoughts. Thanks!



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HalfPint February 2, 2018
Just add the mustard to the marinated chicken and bake. Don't marinade again. The acid from the vinegar and the lemon juice has already tenderized the chicken so another round of marinating is going to turn the chicken meat to mush.
PHIL February 2, 2018
Greenstuff's idea would work . Another option is make a dressing with the Dijon, olive oil and lemon and drizzle over the chicken after its done. Either way you are fine. I'm sure it will be fine without mustard , but like Greenstuff , I like chicken /mustard combo.
Greenstuff February 1, 2018
I think it will be good without the mustard. It will also be good if you slathered a little mustard on before cooking, and since I really like mustard with chicken, that might be what I did. I certainly wouldn’t start over with a new marinade, this is not a big failure at all.
Brooklynite February 7, 2018
I followed your instructions and it came out pretty well. Not quite as tasty as normal, but per @HalfPint's point about acids tenderizing the meat, probably better than any other alternative I had at that point. Thanks!
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