I have a slow cooker recipe that calls for uncooked long grain rice but i want to use brown rice do i need to add more liquid or cook longer ?



Susan W. October 12, 2016
As Trena said, it doesn't need more liquid, but it will need more time. I usually give white rice 2 hours on high and 3 hours for brown. Soaking the rice for a few hours will shorten that. Another trick is to heat the liquid you are using to just below a simmer before adding it to the rice.
Natalie R. October 12, 2016
I would actually say no to both. Long cooking dishes tend to overcook rice, so brown holds up a little better. If it goes 8 hours on low/3 hours on high, it should cook the rice just fine. If you're worried, I would soak the rice overnight before starting it in the morning. Even fast cooking recipes come out fine when I substitute white rice in this way.
Trena H. October 12, 2016
It shouldn't need more liquid, but it will need to cook longer. Perhaps someone with more slow cooker knowledge will weigh in here.
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