I'd love to mail these from NY to someone in NC, but I'm worried that after 48+ hours they might not keep. Would they survive 2 days of shipment?...

... Is there a way to package them to keep them fresh? Or should I go with a quick bread instead? Thanks

Butternut Sage Scones
Recipe question for: Butternut Sage Scones


mrslarkin October 14, 2016
Hi Cookies&Cakes, the scones should be fine for a couple of days. They contain a good amount of sugar, which acts somewhat like a preservative. Wrap them well in a wax paper-lined box or tin. I would instruct the recipient to use the scones immediately, and warm before eating in a 350 degree oven. Freeze the unused scones. I would skip the sage leaf on top if you are planning on shipping.
Cookies&Cakes October 14, 2016
Thank you so much! I look forward to sharing these delicious treats.
Nancy October 13, 2016
Possible solution - make, shape & freeze.
Then ship with dry ice to the NC people and let them bake.
Have a look at this article (no endorsement, just for info):
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