Anyone know of a beautiful, fun-to-read low-carb cookbook that does not feel gimmicky?

My doctor instructed me to eat low carb (for my blood sugar), and I can't stand the cookbooks that just scream "I'm a diet book!" or "Don't get diabetes!" I'd love something to display on my bookshelf, to read for leisure, and of course, to help me cook unique and delicious low-carb dishes. Thanks so much!

Kirsten Svenson


sexyLAMBCHOPx October 14, 2016
I would look at cookbooks of cuisines that focus on flavorful proteins and vegetables such as Brazilian, Latin America, and the Meditterean.
Susan W. October 14, 2016
I'm not sure if you'd consider them gimmicky or not. They both speak of the benefits of eating Paleo, but they are also excellent cookbooks.

The book and wonderful people who got me started on Paleo in a very strict way for 30 days. I've since done Whole 100s when I really go off course.

One more good cookbook

Good luck and enjoy!!
Kirsten S. October 14, 2016
Thank you! Those all look lovely!
ktr October 14, 2016
Melissa Joulwan has a new cookbook out for busy weeknights that I've been considering.
I find I use recipes on websites more than cookbooks though. With that being said, I enjoy the nomnompaleo site. There are many paleo blogs. What made it all seem simpler to me was to just focus on having a protein and a vegetable at each meal rather than try making something elaborate.
Susan W. October 14, 2016
KTR, about to download the new one to my Kindle. I have Well Fed and Well Fed 2.

Kirsten, Melissa's website is www.clothesmakethegirl. Her recipes are awesome and she and NomNom both have great a sense of humor. They also both have weekly emails that include recipes if you like that sort of thing.
ktr October 14, 2016
I never thought about putting a cookbook on my iPad. I'd probably use it more often that way.
Susan W. October 14, 2016
Oh KTR, I have all my favorites on my Kindle. It's great to be able to pull them up anytime, anywhere.
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