My husband was just put on a low glycemic index diet and I feel like I suddenly don't know what to cook. Does anyone have recipe or website recommendations for food that is still tasty and explains how to cook with different types of flours/sugars?



healthierkitchen October 11, 2010
I started by reading Gary Taubes "Good Calories Bad Calories" which doesn't have recipes but is an interesting take on what to eat, and then I went to "The New Glucose Revolution." Once you have a handle on the general ideas, I think the ADA website's glycemic indices would be great, as drbabs says. swshipman is right - once you've got the idea of what you're looking for, there are plenty of great recipes on food52 that will fit your needs. However, if you're really interested in whole grains and alternates to white wheat, get a hold of Kim Boyce's Good to the Grain which is one of the books in the piglet contest this year and also Lorna Sass's books on grains. Another idea is to contact a dietician/nutritionist for specific guidance on his diet. There are some here on food52 who could probably get you started. Good luck to both of you
JessieLK October 11, 2010
I didn't realize the zone diet was basically the same thing, thanks for the tips!
swshipman October 11, 2010
First, get and read Barry Sears' original "Enter the Zone," so you really understand what the glycemic index is all about. Second, get and read Susan E. Brown's "Acid - Alkaline Food Guide," as you will learn that alkalinic foods will keep him low in the glycemic index. Third, return to Food 52's incredible recipe collection looking for the foods that are compatible with one and two above. You cannot go wrong. And......don't panic.
drbabs October 11, 2010
You can also go to teh American Diabetes Association website. They have a list of the glycemic indices of all foods. See for more info.
JessieLK October 11, 2010
Thanks Donny!
anyone October 11, 2010
Also this had food a low glycemic index food list.
anyone October 11, 2010
Every once and awhile I would get one of my wait staff asking if I could prepare a low glycemic meal for a patron. The guys on the line would roll thier eyes and say "no" while I would run to my office and go on this website rather than have the patron educate us on what to serve them. I think it could help you. Good luck!
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