help! My apple crisp is completely dry

I did everything I usually do. Is there any way to fix it?



Smaug October 23, 2016
I've been poking around for an apple bar recipe that's not too wet (OK, using Honeycrisp apples wasn't the best idea)- maybe we can find a middle ground. In the mean time, got milk? Most of the suggestions here involve large additions of sugar or fat or both, which you may not want (at any rate no one suggested dousing it with salt)- microwaving for a few seconds before serving could help.
Jennifer W. October 23, 2016
Id make a caramel sauce to go over it and of course the Ice Cream!
Alexandra V. October 16, 2016
buy a can of dulce de leche from the store and warm it up pour over the top.
BerryBaby October 16, 2016
Ice cream or whipped cream are great fixes. I would recommend to peeling and slice an apple, cook it with a cinnamon stick in apple juice (if no juice is available, use a cup of water with a quarter cup sugar) until the apples are just tender. Spoon over the crisp and use some of the 'syrup' that is left in the pan. You can remove the apples and cook the water/sugar done for a more concentrated syrup.
BerryBaby October 16, 2016
That should read, "cook the water/sugar DOWN for a more concentrated syrup."
Susan W. October 16, 2016 cream and/or whipped cream will solve that stat!
drbabs October 16, 2016
So sad. I think I'd probably serve it warm over ice cream or a pool of heavy cream. (the cream will provide moisture) Or layer it with whipped cream and call it a trifle.
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