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How long can grape juice sit in a sealed container in the fridge before being water bathed for canning?

My wife and I picked some concord grapes, went through the entire process of making grape juice but it was too late to water bathe on a Sunday night. Well, we forgot about it and I think the grape juice has been in a container for somewhere between three weeks to a month. It smells fine and seems to taste fine.

Any thoughts?

asked by Marshal Tofte 4 months ago
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Trena Heinrich

Trena is a trusted source on general cooking.

added 4 months ago

Typically when I make refrigerator jams and pickles I use them within a month. Since it's been so long and without knowing the recipe you've used I'd suggest eating it very, very soon as the standard month for consumption (at least in my household) has elapsed. So, I suppose my thoughts are: eat it soon and don't bother to hot water bath can your jelly. I do feel your pain. Sometimes I'm surprised at the length of time and amount of work it takes to put up food.