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A question about a recipe: Smoky Cardamom Ginger-Molasses Cookies

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I have a question about the recipe "Smoky Cardamom Ginger-Molasses Cookies" from Carey Nershi. Went to the grocery to get the ingredients for this recipe. Noticed that cloves are sold whole and ground. Which is the one I need for this? Never cooked with cloves before :(

asked by Hengyi Chen 3 months ago
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SMSF is a trusted home cook.

added 3 months ago

This would be ground cloves. Good luck, the cookies sound delicious!

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added 3 months ago


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added 3 months ago

Ground cloves. and thanks for calling my attention to these cookies. I think I'll love them also as the outsides of some ice cream sandwiches.

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added 3 months ago

Use with care- cloves are a very powerful flavor, and one many are not fond of.

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Trena Heinrich

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added 3 months ago

I buy whole cloves and grind them with a mortar and pestle for recipes that require ground cloves.

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added 3 months ago

I agree! Whole cloves stay fresh longer (read: forever), so if you have a way of grinding spices, this is a great option. Growing up, we used both a mortar and pestle and a coffee grinder for spices. The coffee grinder was better for baked goods since they need to be finer, but cloves are soft and easy to grind.