Went to the grocery to get the ingredients for this recipe. Noticed that cloves are sold whole and ground. Which is the one I need for this? Never...

... cooked with cloves before :

Hengyi Chen


Trena H. October 19, 2016
I buy whole cloves and grind them with a mortar and pestle for recipes that require ground cloves.
Natalie R. October 19, 2016
I agree! Whole cloves stay fresh longer (read: forever), so if you have a way of grinding spices, this is a great option. Growing up, we used both a mortar and pestle and a coffee grinder for spices. The coffee grinder was better for baked goods since they need to be finer, but cloves are soft and easy to grind.
Smaug October 19, 2016
Use with care- cloves are a very powerful flavor, and one many are not fond of.
ChefJune October 19, 2016
Ground cloves. and thanks for calling my attention to these cookies. I think I'll love them also as the outsides of some ice cream sandwiches.
SMSF October 19, 2016
This would be ground cloves. Good luck, the cookies sound delicious!
Hengyi C. October 19, 2016
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