Can these be nade in advance and reheated?



Nancy November 1, 2016
If you're serving the bagel-lox-quinoa cakes as your main, with a vegetable side platter, that's often enough for a leisurely meal.
I would frame it with a nice drink (wine and/or non-alcoholic punch) and a dessert...fruit salad, a light tart, something of that nature.
If that doesn't sound like enough to you, maybe add a soup, in a buffet service and to be drunk in espresso cups or shooter glasses.
caninechef November 1, 2016
That should be made in advance obviously. I started thinking about having a few friends over for an informal bagel/cream cheese/ lox supper but then stumbled upon this recipe. Bagel flavor without all the carbs would be great. Does anyone have suggestions for accompaniments, for either this or actual bagels and lox. Small group so I am not interested in adding whitefish or anything like that and I am planning on a platter of the typical veggie companions. What to fill out a supper menu with? Soup course? maybe a green bean or spinach salad?
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