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Hiding garlic in recipes

What's the best way to hide garlic in recipes? I love garlic and my fiance hates it. Thanks!

asked by Rebecca Altneu 8 months ago
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PHIL is a trusted home cook.

added 8 months ago

Creamtea has some good suggestions. Depending on what you are making , I would infuse some garlic into some olive oil then you can pour it on your vegetables or meat to taste and leave your fiance's dish alone. I do it with veggies all the time. I like creamtea's idea of roasted garlic, you may be able to get him to like that as it has a totally different taste.

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Abbie is a trusted source on General Cooking.

added 8 months ago

You can also give the garlic a little soak in an acid - lemon juice or vinegar - to soften its harshness and bite.

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added 8 months ago

Never thought of this! Great idea! thanks :)

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SMSF is a trusted home cook.

added 8 months ago

I like a hint of garlic but that's about it! So to get some hint when sauteing vegetables, for example, I add a little sliced garlic to the oil and let it look a bit to infuse the oil with some garlic flavor. The remove the garlic, add the vegetables, and proceed as normal.

You can experiment leaving the garlic in for more or less time -- enough to get a nice flavor but not something that a garlic-averse person would hate. I don't like the smell of garlic, either, so I make this a quick process!

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added 8 months ago

But then if you succeed in hiding it, you lose. You may need a better fiance, though possibly he(?) has other points in his favor.

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Nancy is a trusted home cook.

added 8 months ago

In addition to all the helpful suggestions thus far:
a) For a hint of flavor, use an old trick. Rub a cut garlic clove on pieces of bread (e.g., on croutons or bruschetta) or on the inside of a salad bowl, then discard garlic and finish the dish.
b) Spear a clove or half clove on a toothpick to simmer for a while in a soup or stew, then remove before finishing cooking and serving.
c) The smaller and rawer the pieces of garlic added to a dish, the stronger the flavor will be. So, for a milder flavor, use whole and/or roasted garlic.
d) Some think removing the inner germ, especially if it is green, is good for all - those who love and those who hate garlic. I understand evidence for the benefits is absent or inconclusive, but (empirically) I have liked the results better than when leaving the germ in.
e) The chopping and mashing with salt makes a lovely, fine garlic paste which disperses throughout the dish. So start with small amounts and add to taste, as - once added - it is impossible to remove.

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