A question about Mint: I'm making TheRunawaySpoon's Pastitsio tonight. http://www.food52.com/recipes... The recipe calls for dried mint. I have dried peppermint- will this work? A quick google leads me to believe I should use dried spearmint...any suggestions/opinions? Thank you!



ChefJune February 3, 2011
There's no mint at all in my Pastitsio recipe.... from my good friend's Greek Yaya. It has dried basil. I would go with that if you have some.
KOKelley February 2, 2011
Thanks everyone! With your tips I was able to throw self-doubt to the wind and the dish turned out great. The mint flavor was subtle (though all the spices together were quite fantastic) so I can't imagine peppermint/spearmint/etc would make much difference.
pierino February 2, 2011
Dried mint has about as much flavor as dried basil, which is to say almost none. At best you'll get some color from it. Peppermint, spearmint matters less than its freshness.
Anitalectric February 2, 2011
Funny. I was just thinking about this b/c of a kebab recipe I made yesterday. I used looseleaf Romaninan peppermint tea purchased from an Eastern European grocery store in the marinade. Peppermint sounds like the kind of thing that would be too strong, but the dish turned out to be fantastic. So I say go ahead! As a sidenote, I would note that this particular mint is very mellow and buttery.
nutcakes February 2, 2011
I agree you are good to go. The recipe does call for dried mint and spearmint might be better for cooking but it is a small point. I never stock dried mint myself. I have a middle eastern market near me for fresh herbs. The recipe sounds quite good.
testkitchenette February 2, 2011
I think you will be safe using what you have. Go with it and let us know how it turns out! Here is a bit of information...http://whatscookingamerica.net/mint.htm
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