I made broth with freezer-burned beef; but should I eat it?

The beef was organic and I knew the cow.
The beef (a bone-in arm) was very dry and light-weight, but no bad smell or other signs of "danger."
The broth also been in the fridge for a week, as I've not decided whether to eat it.

Ann Marie R.


John J. November 4, 2016
Trim the freezer burn off, before cooking. Broth in the fridge for a week, suspect, unless it has a thick fat cap.
mainecook61 November 3, 2016
My beef is organic and I always know the cow, since s/he grew up in the pasture. How could a bit of freezer burn hurt anything? First, the beef has been frozen and then, it has simmered for a long time. Broth is exactly what I'd make with imperfect frozen meat. REALLY badly freezer-burned meat? Well-cooked and minced, it would make a treat for lots of feathered and four-legged creatures.
BakerRB November 3, 2016
The freezer-burned beef you describe wouldn't be unsafe, but I'd taste the broth before using it in a recipe to make sure the flavor is okay.
ktr November 2, 2016
I normally make broth with bones and veggie scraps that have been in the freezer in a bag. They do have freeze burn sometimes and I've never noticed a difference in the broth. Freezer burnt meat is safe to eat, it just had a different taste and texture which should not be noticed in broth since the meat has been removed.
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