Stories from the Food52 Holiday Swap!

Have you participated in the Holiday Swap before? We want to know some of the memorable stories from throughout the years! Did you get an especially thoughtful gift? Did something funny happen one year? Why is participating in the swap important to you? Tell me all, either on this thread or email it to: [email protected]

(If you're new here, the Holiday Swap is an annual (this will be the 6th year!) community-wide, non-denominational, secret gift exchange—every year hundreds of Food52ers swap homemade treats and favorite regional goodies with other members across the country (and beyond!). Sign-ups coming soon, stay tuned!)

Lindsay-Jean Hard


sexyLAMBCHOPx November 6, 2016
I've participated twice. As an adult, I felt like a kid opening a present on Christmas Day. It arrives and you're so excited! And so grateful. My experience has been great.
Jr0717 November 5, 2016
I have received a thank-you note every time I've participated (three years, now, I believe), and I think that makes it all worth it. Knowing that someone enjoyed their gift and took the time to write out their thanks during the busiest time of the year makes the entire experience rewarding and so much fun!
SKK November 4, 2016
What I found inspiring was enbe, the young woman who started this 5 years ago with a simple question:

'Secret Santa - Food52 Style

I'm not sure if this topic has been brought up before but would anyone be interested in a holiday food exchange? There would be many limitations (freshness, cost) but we're crafty and I'm sure could put together something. I'm thinking about this especially for those of us in low density food52 areas who want to share the food52 love (but really for everyone).

Thoughts? Feedback? Interest? I'd be happy to organize..."

The over 4.000 plus views to the question. We took photos of what we sent as Secret Santa, and what Secret Santa sent us. Incredible generosity and thoughtfulness went into this. My memory is of being in touch with a warm, talented community!

Lindsay-Jean H. November 5, 2016
Hear, hear!
Braless C. November 4, 2016
The person I swapped with and I ended up liking to the whole thing so much that we made it a year-round/ foodie penpal thing. We switch months sending each other a food item, whether its homemade cookies a grandmother's recipe or a set of ice cream spoons purchased on a recent vacation.
enbe November 4, 2016
I love this! So sweet!
Susan W. November 4, 2016
This is so great. Really captures the spirit.
Lindsay-Jean H. November 5, 2016
How cool!
BerryBaby November 4, 2016
Are used to have many holiday parties for lady friends. One year I did a theme of the 70s. All the food I made was from the 70s including a Jell-O mold it was really amazingly fun. We did a gift exchange and all the gifts had to be items from the 70s we have a ball.
But the best gift exchange was a 'Dollar' gift exchange. Gifts couldn't be more than one dollar and the creativity was amazing!
BerryBaby November 4, 2016
Sorry for the typo errors.....voice activated auto correct!
BerryBaby November 6, 2016
Oops, sorry, I misread. I'm new this year, so no, I have not participated in the Food52 Holiday Swap but am looking forward to it!
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