I just saw a mention of the Holiday Gift Swap. Is there going to be one this year? and

How do you know when to look for the notice of the swap. Is there a standard time to go to Food 52 to find a new page?

  • Posted by: granjan
  • September 15, 2022


Celia R. October 23, 2023
I cannot for the life of me get my F52 Public Profile link to display. I click on the portait icon as instructed and I see my information. But NOT the web address that I know is required for the swap form.
Beth G. October 23, 2023
After you click on your profile, just go to the URL bar at the top of your browser and copy the URL. It will end in your username.
Beth G. October 23, 2023
AntoniaJames October 23, 2023
Does this help?


This link was in an email I received inviting me to participate in the swap. This is for US-based members. If you need the other for non-US, please let me know. ;o)
Terrill October 23, 2023
I did mine wrong but couldn't go back and fix it!
walkie74 October 23, 2023
Same here! I need to figure out if I need to resubmit!
Alexandra October 24, 2023
Hi all--please reply to the email you received if you have questions. It is not crucial that your Foof52 profile link be included (or accurate) in order to participate in the swap. As long as we have your contact info and dietary restrictions, that's good enough :)

Please do NOT resubmit a new survey. Thank you!
Terrill October 24, 2023
thank you
Alexandra October 16, 2023
Hi there! Details about a 2023 Holiday Swap will be released a little later this week. Sit tight and keep checking the Food52 main site!
Cami October 16, 2023

Will there be a cookie swap for 2023?
Terrill October 16, 2023
there was an email or some kind of notification that yes, there will be one this year. Not sure when info will go out or be posted.
Alexandra November 21, 2022
Hi all! Taking a cue from Nmaffuccio below, I'd be happy to help facilitate a mini swap. She's already swapped info with a few folks and they can't take more, but I've reached out to some people whose Instagram handles are on their Food52 profiles, and if anyone else is seeing this and would like to do a grassroots swap, feel free to email me at:

[email protected]

I'll take emails until this Saturday, November 26, or until too many people get in touch (though I don't anticipate that happening!). Then I'll send out swapee info on Sunday, November 27. If you want to join, send me your address, allergies, and a little information about yourself that you'd like to share with your swapee. Thanks! I hope we can make this happen on a teeny scale!
walkie74 November 29, 2022
Arggh, I'm three days late! Can I still take part?
Terrill December 11, 2022
So bummed! Wish I saw this earlier. Didn’t realize how much I looked forward to the swap until I hear there wasn’t going to be one this year!
Amanda H. December 15, 2022
Hang in there -- it'll be back next year!
Nmaffuccio November 18, 2022
I would love to do a sort of #grassroots swap lol! If anyone is interested in swapping with me maybe just put your name here and first comment we can do a swap together!
Frenchcreekbaker November 18, 2022
I am in if you would like to swap!
I am near Seattle. Baking is my thing. Glad you asked if anyone is interested.
MichelleBee November 18, 2022
That sounds like a wonderful idea. I'm interested!
Nmaffuccio November 18, 2022
[email protected]

Email me an we will do the 3 of us! (French creek baker)
Nmaffuccio November 18, 2022
[email protected]

Email me And we will do the 3 of us

(Can’t take on admin for more)
Beth G. November 18, 2022
I'd be in.
Cathiesue November 18, 2022
Hello I saw your comment and realized you were the one that sent me goodies in 2019. Could you send me the recipe for those cookies? Thank you ☺️
Cathiesue November 18, 2022
I meant to tag frenchcreekbaker
Mary November 14, 2022
Oh No! This is such a bummer to hear. It was such a fun thing to do. I'm so sad about this.
KAP November 14, 2022
The Holiday Swap was amazing, so this news a bummer, but l can see how the logistics require considerable wo/manpower. Crossing my fingers for 2023 and I'll play the recipe game I'm the meantime!
Amanda H. November 15, 2022
Thanks for understanding and looking forward to your holiday recipe!
Sandra S. November 9, 2022
Will miss it
Amanda H. November 8, 2022
Hi All -- letting you know we posted this year's collaboration, a Holiday Community Cookbook! https://food52.com/blog/27669-food52-holiday-community-cookbook And we'll be back next year with the Holiday Swap. I know it's disappointing that we weren't able to it this year -- I'm sad, too! -- we just didn't have a big enough team to pull it off, as it's a very manual initiative, involving matching more than 1,000 people and sending out individual notes to each, and more!
MichelleBee November 8, 2022
So sad. I loved the holiday swap! 💔
SusanR November 6, 2022
This makes me sad and reminds me of the discontinuation of The Piglet. I miss the Sunday 8 Websites (or blogs) you were interested in. I miss the personality of Food52 before it became an expensive shopping site (way outside my reach).
Gibson2011 November 28, 2022
Hear, hear! I pop back onto the site every few months and am always disappointed. The goal is definitely monetization, and the emphasis isn't on a community of cooks anymore.
Amanda H. November 29, 2022
I hear your concerns and appreciate you sharing them. It's true that as we've grown, there's a lot more happening on the site, and our shop has done well, so we've emphasized it, but I also want you to know that we deeply value the community and have been working on plans to shed more light on it -- and to support all of the amazing cooks who are here. Thank you again -- I hope you'll notice changes in the coming months.
RachelG November 5, 2022
Nooo :( I look forward to doing the swap every year. So bummed!
Frenchcreekbaker October 27, 2022
I too am blue. This holiday swap made my Christmas a happy one.

I hope you will consider holding it in the future. And I do thank you for all those years I had the chance to bake, gift and enjoy the surprise of these heart warming exchanges. When alone during the holiday season, this swap made me feel a welcome member of our Food 52 community.

Happy holidays to you and yours
Amanda H. October 4, 2022
Hi Granjan -- thanks for your note and sorry for the slow response. We've been talking about this internally. We're going to hold off on the Holiday Swap this year but will come back with it again next year. This year, we're going to do something new involving recipes. Stay tuned! (I'll be writing about it in a few weeks in my email newsletter to the community.)
Jordan1324 October 21, 2022
Really disappointed. Last year was my first time, and in a long dark coming out of pandemic isolation…it was a real bright spot. Will look forward to what you come up with, and next year!
Beth G. October 21, 2022
Wait, really? No swap in 2022? That's really disappointing since we just got back into it last year.
PK October 26, 2022
This is so SO disappointing! This is such a fun community event that we all look forward to. It would be wonderful if Food52 would reconsider.
Emily S. October 30, 2022
Oh no! Although I'm interested to see what the recipe event will be, I too am a little sad to hear there's no swap. It is one of the most fun things I do during the holidays. I'm sure there was a lot of thought put into why you aren't doing it though--I look forward to it coming back next year!
Susan C. November 1, 2022
I understand, but I'm disappointed. But you know what? I think what I'll do is send a box of goodies to the kind person who sent to me last year! :)
Jordan1324 November 1, 2022
I’m doing this too
Amanda H. November 2, 2022
Hi all -- thank you all for your messages and for sharing both your love of the Holiday Swap as well as your disappointment. We hate disappointing you! We'll be announcing this year's plan soon, and again, we'll be swapping again next year!
AntoniaJames November 4, 2022
Amanda, will it be announced on the Food52 site as well as in a email? Thanks so much. ;o)
Celia R. November 7, 2022
So incredibly disappointing to read this. Beyond bummed.
Amanda H. November 8, 2022
Hi Everyone, Here's the announcement of the Holiday Community Cookbook! https://food52.com/blog/27669-food52-holiday-community-cookbook
Nmaffuccio November 18, 2022
Such a fun idea!
Terrill December 11, 2022
I haven’t received anything re recipes. Is there something to be part of or I can connect with. Sure miss the swap.
rosydam September 8, 2023
i think so, haha https://geometrydashscratch.org
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