What's your favorite Food52 love connection story? (non-romantic love stories too!)

We love hearing about the connections you all have made through this site, like raymomn sending his Holiday Swap partner beyondcelery some homemade apple sauce made from his father-in-law’s apple harvest which she then saved as her daughter’s first food. Or sdebrango adopting em-i-lis' pug Percy when he needed a new home. Or Jonathan's proposal to our co-founder Merrill (here: https://food52.com/blog...).

But we know there are more, and we want to highlight them all, so fill us in on your Food52-fostered connections!

Lindsay-Jean Hard


drbabs January 23, 2017
Another shout out to the women of Food52 in Austin. I moved here three years ago. Abbie and I had met a few times before when I was visiting, but when we moved here, she had a party (in case you all are wondering, Abbie-- aargersi-- is even more funny and wonderful in real life.) and I met arielleclementine, helenthenanny, nannydeb, and a bunch of her other friends. They have become my friends, too. I am truly grateful to Food52 for encouraging the community, and to the women of Austin for being so incredibly welcoming.
drbabs January 23, 2017
Oh, and that's Sara (hardlikearmour) in the picture from a visit to Portland.
creamtea January 19, 2017
Megan, Lindsay-Jean, et al, here it is! https://food52.com/recipes/11540-belle-foley-s-chocolate-cake. have a look at the headnotes and comments sections.
Megan January 19, 2017
Thank you for finding it, creamtea! Loved that story and reading about it again. Wow- it was back in the days of the food pickle :)
Lindsay-Jean H. January 19, 2017
Thank you for taking the time to track it down Lisanne, much appreciated!
Megan January 19, 2017
A while back there was a recipe that ended up connecting some long lost family members.. A cake recipe perhaps? I'm pretty sure you all ran a feature on it around the time, but it might be worth revisiting for people who are newer to the site. Does anyone remember what I am talking about? I can't believe I can't remember the details now because I recall being so taken with watching the story unfold at the time. Maybe someone else will remember the specifics.
creamtea January 19, 2017
Yes, I do remember that amazing story. I think it was boulangere who reconnected with an old friend of the family??
aargersi January 18, 2017
Well you know we have a pretty hale and hearty Food52 group here in Austin, but it has spread to non Food-52ers as well! On Sunday several of us (Food52ers, neighbors and friends) gathered in Ginger's Kitchen (RIP my good girl) to cook Ottelenghi recipes, and this time the love spread to a guest dog as well. MacGyver, who is at Austin Pets Alive, was here for the weekend and charmed the socks off of everyone. Here he is flopping his big self into arielleclementine's lap (he also gave gentle licks to HelenTheNanny's 2 yr old daughter!) (why did the photo turn sideways?)
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aargersi January 18, 2017
Oh - it fixed itself ...
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