Turkey in Convection Oven

Help! We updated all our appliances and have a beautiful convection oven. Not familiar with cooking convection and would appreciate input on roasting a turkey with this feature. Thank you! BB



Sara B. November 17, 2016
Refer to the use and care manual for the manufacturer's instructions and definitely use a good quality meat thermometer.
BerryBaby November 17, 2016
Thanks, Sara, I had read the manual, unfortunately it wasn't as informative as I had hoped. Since posting this, my dear husband, bought me a great cookbook on convection cooking. Thanks to everyone for the advice! BB
ChefJune November 8, 2016
It's SO wonderful to cook a large turkey in a convection oven. It is done before you can turn around, practically! I use a digital thermometer that I load with the temperature I want the turkey to be at about 10 minutes before I take it out. Then after the turkey is all prepped and ready for the oven, I inset the probe into the inner thigh and put the turkey into the heated oven. I cook it pretty much the way I always have - oven temp and basting, etc - and when the bird has reached the temperature I set the timer for, that little gadget starts screaming at me to come take it out. The turkey is always perfectly cooked and moist. My thermometer is made by Polder.
ktr November 8, 2016
I agree that a thermometer you can set the temp on is key - no matter what type of oven you are using. I just found mine again, a year after moving, and it makes cooking meat so much easier and allows me to forget about it and work on something else because I know the thermometer will alert me when it is done.
AntoniaJames November 8, 2016
I've had a convection oven for 7 years and love it. The expert (a great cook) for the company, who gave an evening class at their local showroom, advised always to use the "pure convection" setting, reducing the temperature in the recipe 25 days. I followed her advice and I have had great success, without exception!

I strongly recommend however that you (a) keep an eye on the bird and tent it with foil when it starts to get dark, which will probably happen sooner than it would it a conventional oven; and (b) check the temperature regularly as well.

A new oven most likely will be well insulated, which means that the cooking time for many things you bake or roast will be less than an old oven - or any other oven that isn't as well insulated.
I hope this helps. ;o)
MMH November 7, 2016
You should use it several times to get used to it. We moved in to a house that has one 2 years ago. It's taken some getting used to but we like it. We usually drop the temp 25 degrees. Things also seem to roast faster. Roast a chicken &. Try it out. Good luck.
BerryBaby November 7, 2016
I'm guessing no one has ever tried this?
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