Shiny Candied Nut Technique?

Hello, I'm want to recreate a "Curry Coconut Cashew" with a shiny candy coating. The shell is hardened, but not hard to bite. The photo below is a similar nut (photo source: ( Main ingredient is white chocolate. Hoping an expert candy-maker could help with a recipe or technique to get that shiny coating and flavor. Thanks so much!

Alexandra Holbrook
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BakerRB November 5, 2016
The shiny coating isn't something you'll be able to recreate at home unless you find a source of confectioners glaze, a common but not-really-food product that has kind of wish I hadn't read about. You might be able to use food grade wax. I'd experiment to recreate the desired flavor based on the ingredients list and store the candy in the refrigerator if you use real white chocolate. If you use candy coating room temp should work. Blooming the curry powder in a little coconut oil before mixing it into the chocolate is the tip that comes to mind with flavors.
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