Election night tapas menu?

I'm having some people over to watch election night coverage. I'd like to serve some make-ahead tapas. Any suggestions for a thematic menu (besides cyanide if things don't go my way?)

  • Posted by: lloreen
  • November 6, 2016


dinner A. November 8, 2016
For sure, have some hot sauce ;)
Last night I made a variation on one of my favorite cocktails that I'm calling the Nasty Woman. (I know several other cocktails have cropped up with that name, but mostly they looked unappealing.) It was delicious, so I posted it (https://food52.com/recipes/65236-nasty-woman) and I think I'll make it again tonight.
PHIL November 7, 2016
My go to is a charcuterie. No cooking, prep ahead , ok if its room temp and people can pick at it all night. If you want add a few hot apps too.
caninechef November 7, 2016
Thematic food for the election? Nuts!
weekend A. November 6, 2016
The other night I took leftover potatoes (that I had originally mashed with sautéed apples, yogurt, and Parmesan), rolled them into small balls, breaded them in panko and then fried them. At the time I thought they would make a great addition to a tapas meal.
BerryBaby November 6, 2016
It would be fun to stick with what the candidates enjoy....one likes fast food (you can make Sliders, fries, mini tacos) and the other like hot and spicy (lots of choices, skewers of spicy, marinated vegetables, the mini tacos with hot sauce, etc.) You can have a lot of fun with this! Good luck! BB
Nancy November 6, 2016
A few ideas.
Depending on what's available fresh near you, make a selection of dishes from around the country. For ex, hush puppies or corn bread from the South, crab cakes from Maryland, lobster or clams from New England, salmon from the northwest, apple dumplings from New York, stuffed potatoes from Idaho.
Another idea - use patriotic cookie cutters to shape canapes or bruschetta, then serve with a selection of local cheese.
Not a tapa, but a slam-bang dessert. Make a chocolate sheet cake and frost it with icing in the pattern of the flag or the outline of the lower 48. Fill in with fruits or candies in red, white and blue.
Look at Pinterest or Instagram, where there are tons more ideas.
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