So it came out delicious but I had a solid half inch of rock hard sugar on the amount of scraping was going to release it. Any ideas?...

...Did I overcook the caramel? I've never made anything requiring sugar work before so this was my first attempt.

Katherine Bailey
Pumpkin Flan
Recipe question for: Pumpkin Flan


Shuna L. November 7, 2016
If you can boil your caramel pan all the caramel will come out. It's ALWAYS better to have more caramel, than not enough. If you have "too much," then the custard will cook it in, so to speak.
aargersi November 6, 2016
YES! Keep Calm and Soak On! :-) Seriously that happens every time. Soak it in hot water for a while, rinse, repeat. The sugar will melt I promise!!! Once it's down to not near as much you can scrub the rest out.
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