Old ginger vs Young ginger

Is this true that young ginger is fragrant, pungent, fleshy and juicy with a mild spicy taste. Whereas old ginger is fibrous and almost dry and tends to be spicier than its young counterpart.

I plan to use it for a chicken marinade (:

  • Posted by: Yal
  • November 7, 2016


Shuna L. November 7, 2016
Young ginger is completely different than mature ginger. Young ginger is pink, with transparent skin, and floral, mildly spicy. Young ginger is used primarily for pickling. Mature ginger is more pungent, spicier, and less floral.

When you buy ginger, crack off a piece that you want. If it breaks with a snap, then it's going to be good. If it bends or the skin is shriveled, it's been sitting on the shelf a long time. The fibrousness of ginger is part of its genetic makeup - nothing to be concerned about. For a marinade I would use mature ginger. Young ginger is best for desserts or drinks. Young ginger is much pricier, and only available, in the USA once a year, so most ginger is mature.
MMH November 7, 2016
You are right. But, I freeze mine so it's always fresh.
Susan W. November 7, 2016
I'm speaking of when I've bought it when it hasn't been pristine at the store and I'm too lazy to drive to another store. Rarely happens because I buy a lot and freeze it, but sometimes I need it fresh and not frozen. Jean-Georges fried rice for example.
Susan W. November 7, 2016
Yes, fresh and plump ginger with firm skin is best. However, I've had to use sub par ginger in a pinch and it was fine.
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