old garlic

I have a few heads of garlic I forgot about that were stored at room temp for weeks, some are sprouting. They seem a little dry but otherwise not spotted or moldy or anything bad visually. Is there any use for them? Will they roast OK? I will remove the sprouts completely....



vanbinh June 14, 2012
Roast then remove the center. Much easier, and you won't burn the garlic without the peel. If you want to plant them, break the clove apart. When the garlic grows, you can eat the leaves too.
smslaw June 15, 2012
I've been growing garlic for years and never heard of breaking the cloves. Do you mean split the head apart into cloves? Plant the cloves 4-6 inches deep, around Columbus day (at least in the north -zone 5). The scapes (seedheads) show up in june/july and make nice bloody mary stirrers. or garlic flavor in stir fries. Harvest when the plants start to brown (late july/early august), hang in a dry place, store somewhere cool and dry and they'll keep for many months.

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SallyBroff June 10, 2012
Find a place in a garden or pot and plant them. In a few months you will have wonderful fresh garlic bulbs.
JanetFL June 9, 2012
I have found the sprout itself to be bitter so, since your garlic is otherwise just fine, I would split the clove down the center and remove the sprout from both sides. I would definitely give it the roasting a try!
jmburns June 9, 2012
I agree remove the sprout and roast away. I do it all the time.
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