Stem ginger recipes?

I have a jar of stem ginger that I don't even know why I own. Does anyone have any good recipes for cookies, cakes etc. to use it in?



Nancy November 11, 2016
Not exactly what you asked for, but I use it in many chutney recipes (with cranberries, beets or lemons as the main ingredient).
You can use it volume for volume to replace fresh or crystallized ginger.
Also, if using to replace fresh, you may want to reduce the sugar elsewhere in the recipe.
For baking, I would add it (sparingly) to quick-breads like banana and zucchini, to give a bit of sharpness. Same with apple pie filling.
Hope this helps.
tranquility November 12, 2016
Thanks! I love chutneys so I'll definitely try to add it in there.
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