Bechamel Mashed Potatoes

Recently saw a recipe for mashed potatoes where you add bechamel sauce rather than just milk (or cream) and butter on their own. Sounds delicious. Has anyone made this?
Is there a way to make bechamel ahead of time so I'm not at the stove stirring right before Thanksgiving dinner?



Susan W. November 13, 2016
As the other 2 posters indicated, I don't know if flour will do your potatoes any good. However, a quick search brought up a Julia Child recipe using a bechamel. Go figure.
Susan W. November 13, 2016's the link.
foodforthought November 14, 2016
Tx, Susan! I could never disagree with Julia... Seth, report back on how it goes... If Julia approves, you're probably going to be OK. I'd still test and pay attention to how much you can reasonably manage consistency (thin as needed?) of the spuds once the sauce is incorporated.
Rachel S. November 13, 2016
Agree with foodforthought that it might be redundant; unless you flavor your bechamel with seasoning such as nutmeg, the only thing you'll be adding to the mashed potatoes is flour (since most mashed potato recipes call for both butter and milk already). Even though bechamel itself is creamy, I'd be curious if this would translate well to the potatoes or if it would make them heavy and dense.
If you're thinking about this for Thanksgiving, I'd definitely try a small batch beforehand to see if you like the texture/flavor. And while you can make bechamel beforehand, you should place waxed paper or pour a small layer of milk over the top of it to prevent it from forming a skin while stored.
foodforthought November 13, 2016
IMO bechamel sounds maybe a bit redundant though it does have some distinctive qualities that would make it worth a try. Would definitely do a test run before the big meal. A veloute (made with stock instead of milk) might also be a interesting addition. Yes, you can make the bechamel or veloute ahead of time. Stores in fridge for days just fine. I would bet it freezes just fine, too. You might also think about making your potato dish a day or two ahead then reheating in oven provided you have the oven/logistical capacity.
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