What is the best non dairy substitute for cream and half and half in mashed potatoes?

I'm severely lactose intolerant to cows milk and tried using almond milk for my mashed potatoes but it didn't have the right consistency. Do you have other recommendations?

  • Posted by: Tracie
  • November 21, 2013


ATG117 November 21, 2013
My non dairy version: Carmelize a sweet onion (until light brown and really Carmelized). Add a few tablespoons of olive oil to the pan with the Carmelized onions, leave on stjustA few minutes just until te oil is heated through. Then mash the potatoes with the onions and oil.
creamtea November 21, 2013
We simmer Yukon golds together with an onion in salted water, drain and puree potatoes and onion together, no cream. It's like velvet.
Rocky R. November 21, 2013
I agree that olive oil is a great substitute. But if you're also watching fat grams, try some chicken or vegetable broth and save the fat grams for the gravy you'll pour over the mashed potatoes.
Kristen M. November 21, 2013
I love olive oil mashed potatoes. It's a different flavor and texture, but delicious.
Monita November 21, 2013
I use soymilk in mashed potatoes along with non-dairy margarine and find that it has a good mashed texture
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