How far ahead can we bake a pumpkin pie?

Mary Ann
  • Posted by: Mary Ann
  • November 20, 2018


Smaug November 20, 2018
I agree w/anna on timing- the filling is a custard, and they do not age well. Some people like pumpkin pie cold; I don't think refrigeration damages the crust, but if the bottom is soggy or undercooked (as so often happens with this pie) it will be more repulsive cold.
Anna B. November 20, 2018
Hello Mary Ann,
One day ahead, left out of the fridge would be my suggestion. Pumpkin pie does not get any better once frozen and sticking it in the fridge would compromise the flavor texture of the crust. If you're really pressed on time day off, it can be chilled, and brought back to room temperature day of. Happy Thanksgiving!
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