Storing mince meat

We made a 1/2 ton of mincemeat, contains cooked beef, apples, raisins, currants, canned cherries, spices. Has vinegar and brandy. Not cooked except the beef. How to store? How long will it keep? Can it be frozen?

Tom Rizzo
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1 Comment

C S. November 20, 2016
My mother made it with venison and canned it - you would have to consult a modern preservation source for that. My copy of "Joy of Cooking" from the 60's just says store in sterile jars and "The New England Yankee Cookbook circa 1939 says, " This makes 12 quarts and will keep indefinitely in a cool place." They advice letting it stand in a crock for a week before using. Good luck. PS no-one liked it except my father so the jars lasted a long time.
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