Which is better dry brine or normal brine for turkey?

Trying to decide which method to try.

  • Posted by: Lara
  • November 21, 2016


Leith D. November 22, 2016
Dy brine! https://food52.com/recipes/15069-russ-parsons-dry-brined-turkey-a-k-a-the-judy-bird
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sydney November 22, 2016
I like to take these opportunities to preach my gospel of no brining AND no whole bird roasting. I did turkeys every which way until I converted to fresh turkey cut up by the butcher, simply seasoned and roasted. Everyone loves my turkey. Try it! :-)
Susan W. November 21, 2016
I much prefer the dry brine a la Judy Bird. Zero spongy texture. That only happens when you wet brine, but plenty of people like the wet brine method too. It's a very personal taste kind of thing.

MMH November 21, 2016
I like both. Lots of it depends on what you are able to accommodate. I will say that Lynn Rossetto Casper has an excellent suggestion which I prefer because it solves the space issue. She suggests that you use a cooler. The turkey and brine go in to a blanket sized zip loc bag and then in to the cooler with ice around it. When you are done, you can dump the brine without a problem and haven't used any fridge space. I love it for that reason.
amysarah November 21, 2016
Between wet and dry, I think dry is better. But my preference is doing neither. I know most here don't agree, but I really dislike the bouncy texture brining gives poultry - sort of like deli turkey. (If you brine, I'd keep it pretty short to limit that spongy thing.)
Kenzi W. November 21, 2016
Contrarian! I like it.
Kenzi W. November 21, 2016
Both will get you a juicy bird, but we're fans of the dry-brine for a few reasons: It's simpler, it takes up far less room in the fridge, and some feel like the juices of a wet-brined bird are a little, well, watery.
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