how soon can I (well, my husband) peel Yukon Golds and keep in ice water? Do they get water logged if kept too long that way?

  • Posted by: Sharon
  • November 22, 2016


Smaug November 22, 2016
However, like any new potatoes, they'll be considerably better both nutritionally and for flavor and texture if peeled after cooking. You probably don't want to get involved in doing this by hand right before Thanksgiving dinner, but if you have something like a food mill attachment for a stand mixer, it will mash the potatoes (if that's what you're after) and peel them quite quickly.
Lindsay-Jean H. November 22, 2016
You (he) could do that the night beforehand, as long as they're all submerged in water they should be fine. Ina Garten even goes ahead and mashes them ahead of time, here's how she does it:
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