Can't post to contest

Evil IT Bug is keeping me from entering the contest. When I click on the "Add a Recipe" button (available only under "recipes" not from the contest page) I get the screen asking me to sign up or log on. Now it already shows me as "lorigoldsby" in the upper left corner, but after a couple of clicks, I did try to log in dice. I then logged out, logged back in, and still it wants me to log in again. sorry to be the bearer of bad news...hope you can easily fix.



lorigoldsby November 2, 2011
That is what I did and it worked! I always feel so badly when we complain--you know I'm a huge fan--just excited to be "back among the cooking"!
alexlutz November 2, 2011
Lori, Thanks for letting us know. We are looking into this now. We thought log in issues had been mostly resolved, so we appreciate you bringing this to our attention.
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