Can i use dried blueberries in a sauce or as a sauce for my bread pudding



Nancy November 22, 2016
Rehydrate the blueberries and make a sweet-sour or sweet-sharp sauce with some lemon juice, sugar, and fruit juice on hand (orange, cranberry etc.)...or boost a sugar syrup with some pomegranate molasses or cranberry sauce and the re-hydrated blueberries.
As Amanda Sims said, alone they won't make a sauce; but they will be good with other things.
MMH November 22, 2016
A friend of mine does that by mixing whatever fruit it is in the corresponding jam and reduces them together. I've never done it but I've tasted it!
Ali S. November 22, 2016
For a more promising swap, I'd rehydrate them in some warm water first. Here's a thread with more answers about using dried blueberries in place of fresh or frozen ones:
Amanda S. November 22, 2016
What kind of sauce are you thinking of making? They won't cook down to a saucy state the way fresh fruit will (but they'd probably be excellent dropped right in the bready part of the bread pudding).
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