can't peel parchment off baked crackers?

I'm trying to make crackers from this recipe: and the step of peeling the parchment off the crackers has stumped me. It doesn't peel off without tearing and sticking to the crackers, so I now have paper-backed crackers. Any way to salvage this, or are these destined for the trash?

Joann Collins
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Sam1148 November 22, 2016
All of the above. But consider adding a sheet of Silplat..or generic "silicone baking mat" to your Christmas wishlist. ;)
That stuff is great.
Also, you can get non stick parchment paper at the supermarket.
But Silplat is much better
Smaug November 22, 2016
Nonstick parchment? Well, you can buy stuff at the nursery to make water wetter, so why not.
Victoria M. November 22, 2016
Are the crackers still warm? I would wait till the cool completely and then try again.

If the crackers are cool, you could try wetting the back of the parchment paper and then scraping it off with a metal spatula or knife. This might make the crackers a little damp, but after the paper is removed you could pop them in the oven for a second to dry them out.

Finally, you could use a serrated knife to take of the paper and the bottom layer of the cracker? I have done this before with cookies. The end result was not my finest hour, but the cookies still tasted great!

If all else fails, pour a glass of wine and ask someone to bring some store bought crackers!
Joann C. November 22, 2016
Cooling and wetting the parchment definitely helped. Though my fumbly fingers crumbled the crackers into tiny pieces during the process of scraping off the parchment. Oh well. Time for store-bought backup crackers!
feastathome November 22, 2016
Placing it over a hot damp towel also helps.
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