when boiling spaghetti should I add a cup of canola oil



ellenl February 5, 2011
Laura_K February 5, 2011
Oil in pasta water is a no-no. It keeps the sauce from grabbing onto your noodles, among other things. Boiling water and lots of salt is the way to go. Stir frequently to prevent sticking, cook to al-dente, drain and add them to your sauce to finish cooking and marry flavors. Maybe a drizzle of oil to finish..... :) Good luck!
Queen O. February 5, 2011
Definitely no oil and no way a whole cup! Agree with all that has been said above. A couple of additional thoughts: poor quality pasta and over-cooking pasta both contribute to stickiness, as well. If you are doing a cold pasta, like for a pasta salad, you'll want to shock it in ice water when it's done, then drain it.
Fran M. February 5, 2011
Forgot to mention the finishing oil would be a good Olive Oil.
pierino February 5, 2011
Not unless you want greasy spaghetti. Some people worry that strands will stick together. But the way to finish your dish is to scoop the pasta from the boiling water (don't drain it) and transfer it directly to the sauce in which it will be presented.
Amanda H. February 5, 2011
No -- there's no need to add any oil when boiling pasta. Just use lots of water and salt it generously -- it should taste of seawater. Bring the water to a rolling boil and add the pasta and it shouldn't stick together.
Fran M. February 5, 2011
No you Don't need it. That would just add unnecessary calories and make it feel so greasy in your mouth. Instead, in Italy they just drizzle a little on the finished plate.
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