Pot roast feedback please! I bought a "round roast" the other day. After consulting Joy I did the following: dredged it in flour, browned it on all sides in mix of canola and bacon grease. Then I sliced up 2 onions and sauteed those in canola/olive oil until brown and added lots of garlic. Then I put all of the above in a dutch oven with a bay leaf, about 2 cups hot water (no stock in the house), and a splash of balsamic (to trick the roast into thinking the bath was stock). This is when I realized I have nothing else flavorful to add like carrot or celery. I have 8 oz. plain button mushrooms to add later and/or rosemary and dijon? But I am open to suggestions from people with experience with cooking big hunks of meat in liquid for hours. Can anyone suggest a way to finish this up? I put in the oven at 4:00; I was planning to take it out at 7:30. I have potatoes I was thinking of adding to the pot, the oven is set at 325 degrees. Thanks for reading this!



Kayb January 9, 2011
I found this after I answered your question -- not that it would have worked for you as you were already under way -- but it looks awfully good, and you might try it next time you have a fairly lean cut of roast!
Sadassa_Ulna January 9, 2011
Thank you kayb and nutcakes. I played it safe and just added rosemary. In the future I will def read up before I roast!
nutcakes January 9, 2011
Your ideas sound good to me.

Round roast is very lean (I like chuck for pot roasts.) and it really doesn't have enough fat to make great pot roast. The best recipe I've found for cooking it is a CI recipe for roast. I'm thinking you might try a lower temperature for such a long cooking time on lean meat.

Here is a great guide http://www.cooksillustrated.com/images/document/howto/SO96_HTbeef.pdf
Kayb January 9, 2011
H'mm. I'd go ahead now and add a bay leaf, and probably some rosemary. When the meat is done, take it out, and reduce your sauce, if needed. I think I'd cook the potatos separately, do a garlic mash, and serve the roast over.
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