Blender Sweet Potato Pie

Trying to make "Blender Sweet Potato Pie". The recipe does not state the measurement or weight of sweet potatoes or puree to use.

Help please!

  • Posted by: surmisez
  • November 23, 2016


surmisez November 23, 2016
This recipe is my new favorite Sweet Potato Pie! I tasted the sweet potato filling and it is phenomenal!

I've got the pie in the oven now and it's going to be very difficult to not try a piece tonight.
Kristen M. November 23, 2016
Bummer -- it looks like a critical ingredient fell off! I found a recipe on Minimalist Baker's site with very similar ratios that specifies 2 3/4 cups puree (so, eyeball however many potatoes it would take to make that, if you're starting from scratch).
surmisez November 23, 2016
Thank you!!!
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